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Cx Bladder

Cx bladder is a new non-invasive bladder cancer detection test that measures unique molecular signals to identify bladder tumours.

Cx bladder has been proven to be more reliable than other urine based tests such as cytology.

Cx bladder can be used to:

  • Replace the need for other urine-based tests such as cytology 
  • Complement cystoscopy for bladder cancer detection and surveillance 
  • Detect bladder tumours not visible by cystoscopy 
  • Triage patients presenting with microscopic haematuria that do not need a full workup

Cx bladder is available through Urology Care Wellington.


Abiraterone (Zytiga)

Abiraterone is an oral, once daily prescription medication used in combination with prednisone to treat men with advanced prostate cancer.

This cancer is resistant to standard androgen deprivation therapy and has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer). Abiraterone has been shown to extend survival in these men.

Abiraterone is available in New Zealand and is funded by Pharmac. I will discuss the possible benefit of Abiraterone treatment with you and arrange referral to a medical oncologist for this treatment if appropriate.



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