In Room Procedures

Mr Studd may advise that you are required to have a procedure completed in our rooms at Wakefield Specialist Centre.  Our rooms are set up with state of the art technology and Mr Studd is assisted by one of our Practice Nurses for all procedures completed.

If you have seen Mr Studd and he has recommended a procedure be completed, our team will call you within 5 days of your consultation to make a date.

Mr Studd conducts procedural clinics on alternating Thursdays.

Information about your procedure, estimate of costs and anything that needs to be completed prior to your procedure will be sent out to you when an appointment is made.


An estimate of costs will be provided to you at the time you book your procedure.

All procedures require a prior approval number from your insurance company (please see insurance/payment for more information), or payment at the time of your booking. 

If you are with Southern Cross or NIB insurance there are certain cases we will apply for your prior approval.