Flexible Cystoscopy

A cystoscopy is an internal examination of the urethra and bladder. As the name suggests, the telescope used for this is flexible and also quite narrow. This allows easy insertion of the telescope in the office without the need for general anaesthesia.


Prior to the cystoscopy a urine sample will have been taken to check for the presence of infection. You get undressed and lie flat on an examination couch. A small amount of lubricant containing local anaesthetic is placed into the urethra then the cystoscope is slowly inserted along the urethra. During the procedure water is instilled into the bladder through the cystoscope, this fills the bladder allowing full visualization of the interior of the bladder. You can watch the examination as it happens on the television screen. Flexible cystoscopy takes ten minutes to perform. Most patients find the procedure just moderately uncomfortable. If you would like to take a mild sedative prior to cystoscopy then come in 30 minutes early and arrange for someone else to drive you home.


Immediately following flexible cystoscopy you will empty your bladder, this may burn due to irritation from telescope passage. Most people are comfortable enough to be able to return to work following a cystoscopy.


There is a small risk of infection following cystoscopy. To reduce the risk we will give you an antibiotic tablet to take after the procedures.

  • A small amount of bleeding is quite common & clears spontaneously
  • Urinary retention - uncommon


We will discuss the findings of the cystoscopy with you immediately following the procedure.