Verapamil Injection Therapy for Peyronies Disease

Verapamil injection is used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease causes scarring of the penis with resultant bend of the erect penis. It is usually associated with an initially tender penile nodule. Many treatments have been tried for Peyronies disease & unfortunately many of these treatments have little evidence base for their use.

Verapamil injection has been shown to reduce pain and curvature and improve sexual function in most men.


Verapamil injection is performed in the office under local anaesthetic. Injections of verapamil are performed directly into the penile nodules. Six injections are given two weekly over a twelve-week period. After six injections the response to treatment is evaluated. If there has not been a significant improvement then therapy is stopped. If there is an obvious benefit then a further six injections are planned. Each injection takes just ten minutes to perform.

Daily use of a penile vacuum pump may also help to expand and straighten the penis. I encourage my patients to incorporate vacuum therapy into the treatment program.


Bruising of the penis is common. More severe side effects such as infection are very uncommon.


Response to therapy is evaluated following six injections. If the deformity persists then alternative treatments will be discussed.